Things you should know about Skipper:

  • He was my first horse. I got him for my 12th birthday, and he was only 3 years old. This was in 1986, so you can do the math.
  • He has a heart of gold.
  • He measures 15 hands and is a QH/TB (appendix QH).
  • We competed through preliminary level 3 Day Eventing, back when it was the long format.
  • After I outgrew him, Skipper was leased out to 5 other young riders.
  • During his career, and with different riders, he won his fair share of training and prelim horse trials, as well as a prelim section of the Radnor 3 Day in 1992 (with me) and the Harry T. Peters Trophy in 1995 (with a different rider).
  • He will be 32 next February.
  • He likes to crib after he eats.
  • He doesn’t like to make sharp turns, thanks to all kinds of arthritis he has going on.
  • He likes to roll in the mud, but he tolerates being cleaned up.
  • He’s extremely clever and will open stall doors and such when possible.
  • He has cushings and grows a ton of hair.

I have pictures of us competing back in the day and more posted on Tumblr, including Skipper’s top secret soup recipe, but on this site I’ll post recent photos of him.


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