Mya is the only mare stabled at Southaven, which makes her the Belle of the Barn. There is one other mare on the property, but she’s a pasture boarder. Mya knows she’s the boss mare and often entertains me with how she’ll move the geldings she’s turned out with.

If Mya decides she’s thirsty, she’ll herd  everyone to the water trough, but then insist she gets to drink first. Sometimes one of the other horses will be where she wants to graze, or maybe the geldings are standing too close to each other, and with a flip of her head she tells them all to disperse. She’s a very smart horse with a lot of personality.

Her stall is next to Dante’s, and even though they don’t get turned out together, he considers her his BFF (not sure if Mya feels the same way about him). If he’s brought in first, he’ll whinny and call for her until she comes in the barn.

Anyway, she’s not an easy horse to photograph because she’s usually looking around at what’s going on and doesn’t keep her head in one place. That and the lighting in the barn usually sucks at certain times of the day, and I suppose that’s always been when I’ve tried to take her photo. But I managed to get some halfway decent ones yesterday.


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