Meet the Barn Cats

Every barn has cats, whether it wants them or not. Here are various felines I have the pleasure of knowing.


Six Dinner Sid Superior Sid Sleepy Sid Saddle Pad Hideout

I don’t know this cat’s real name, but I call him Sid after the children’s book Six Dinner Sid because he actually belongs to a neighbor. But he comes over to the barn because they feed him. He spends his days lounging on horse boots, catching mice, and sleeping on saddle pads. Not necessarily in that order.


Hoby the Barn Cat Hi Hoby This seat is taken

This is one big, fluffy orange cat. He’s pretty bad ass.

Tigger and Rocky

These two are brothers, or something. I think. Rocky has extra toes so it looks like he’s wearing boxing gloves.

Rocky Yawn Rocky the Barn Cat Rocky Stare Rocky Close Up

Tigger has a larger brown spot on his nose.

Tigger Asleep Tired Tigger Night Night Tigger Tigger on the Ledge

Double Stuff

Tack Room Barn Cat

You know, like an Oreo cookie. I don’t know his name, assuming he has one, and years ago a friend of mine had a black and white cat named that. I lack imagination.


Girth Cat Not the saddle pad you're looking for. Tack Room Cool Cat Don't Touch What You Can't Afford

Again, I have no clue what this cat’s real name is, but since he’s always guarding tack or sitting on saddle pads


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