Jasmine is an enormous, like 17.1 or more hands, Thoroughbred cross mare. I think she’s around 9 years old and has competed at training level eventing. She’s maybe even gone prelim, I can’t remember.

She is very quiet, with impeccable ground manners, and easy to ride. Her canter is absolutely lovely. Jasmine is very well balanced and light, so it’s like sitting in a rocking chair. I loved riding her because she’s well-schooled and obliging on the flat, fun to jump, and quiet enough to hack out anywhere.

Jasmine Jasmine

Early last summer I made a video of her jumping because she was for sale, and one of my friends was looking for a horse at the time.

I  have numerous postings of dear Jasmine scattered across various social media platforms. Here are some links:

Gifboom hacks:  http://gifboom.com/x/fb0db2c1 and http://gifboom.com/x/461a480d
Instagram: http://instagram.com/p/gagA-Wn5Qw/http://instagram.com/p/e7zdgtH5V2/,  http://instagram.com/p/d4-pZTn5f5/, and http://instagram.com/p/ednirMH5Zp/
Tumblr: http://cakedarla.tumblr.com/post/56467583306/jasmine-doesnt-spook-at-deer-i-cant-believe-how


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