Dante and Spot

Dante is a twenty-something bay Selle Français. He’s a retired grand prix showjumper and a total blast to ride. He has arthritis in his neck, and his back too, I think, so he needs a nice long warm up.

Spot is a flashy Dutch Warmblood in his teens who was bred to be a sport horse, there’s no doubt about that. He has a big, playful personality and loves attention.

Both horses are owned by the same person, which is why they share a page. I may change this later as I get more photos of them, or something.

20140220-105810.jpg 20140220-105818.jpg

Can I just say that I hate round bales? Especially musty, moldy ones that sit directly on the ground in wet mud for weeks. Gross.

Spot hacking around the field Dutch Warmblood showjumper Dante and Spot all muddy

I love the photo of Dante “smiling” at me. Actually, he’d just taken a huge drink of water and was curling his upper lip while the excess drooled out. But it looks like he’s smiling for the camera. Kinda.

Selle Francais retired showjumper Selle Francais retired showjumper Selle Francais Retired Showjumper
Here’s a short video of me riding Dante. He has a respiratory condition that makes him cough a lot, so yes, I realize his head carriage is low and he’s strung out. That’s just how the old guy goes.

And here’s a video of Spot’s owner jumping him. Spot had an injury over the winter and has just recently been cleared by the vet to go back into full work. So game on!


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