Weekly Update Idea

I intended to update this blog more often, but I can’t seem to get into the habit of making regular, meaningful posts. So I’m going to forget about meaningful and just try for regular, in the form of weekly updates. And if nothing interesting happened that week, I’ll try to at least take some halfway decent pictures to share. This should be easy enough. Continue reading


Equestrian Turn Out Faux Pas

Oh, the joys of winter riding. I know, my half chaps are too short. And to let my sock show above them is seriously tacky. But when it comes to staying warm when hacking out on a cold winter morning, I don’t care. Neither does Fairing. Continue reading

Saddle Acquired!

Passier Hannover Dressage SaddleI never thought I’d ever buy something like a saddle off eBay. But when I found a listing for a NEW Passier Hannover dressage saddle, I reconsidered.

Continue reading

I Need Forward Flaps

Well, that’s one wee mystery solved. Okay, it wasn’t truly a mystery in the literal sense, but I figured out something yesterday.

Remember me going on and on about jumping saddles and how I can’t seem to find a decent used saddle (with short billets) to ride in because the girth buckles rub the insides of my knees? It was an issue that confused me because I love the Albion Legend I borrow whenever I ride at one farm, and I don’t experience any kind of leg chafing, no matter where my leg is or what length my stirrups are. Continue reading

Riding Jammy: Saddle Search Saga

Jammy the Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred Mare out on a HackThere’s a cute little Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred mare named Jammy out at the boarding facility where I keep Skipper. She belongs to the farm owner, who is busy running the place and doesn’t get much free time to ride. She first offered to let me ride Jammy weeks (maybe even months?) ago, but I don’t yet have my own saddle, and at the time there wasn’t one readily available for me to borrow. Continue reading