August 10 – 16

It’s a late update this week because I was super busy Saturday and then today I got distracted by the urgency to make a page for the barn cats. I also need to make a “meet the horses” page for Cutter. It’s on my list.

Skipper is in a bigger stall now, which he loves. Or at least I love the fact that he has more space to move around. Plus, this stall is on the opposite side of the barn, which means he has a window opening up to the ring and paddocks so he can watch what’s going on. Before he only had a view of the hay barn and a log cabin.

Skipper in his new digs Does my bum look big in this? Skipper Close Up

I met with the saddle fitter last Sunday evening, and while my old Passier isn’t a perfect fit for Dante and Fairing, it works on Fairing with the right kind of padding, which his owner already has. Dante is slightly more narrow, and it turns out an old jumping saddle his owner brought for me to use fits him better. I’m glad to know all that.

Monday I only had time to ride Fairing in the morning because I had to get my kids to the dentist. No cavities, w00t! I also took Cutter out for a walk/hand graze since his owner is out of town and the poor guy is on stall rest. He’s recovering from an injury and doing a lot better.

Cutter out for walkies Cutter out for walkies Cutter out for walkies

Tuesday morning I hand walked Cutter again before riding Dante. There’s a new pasture boarder, and both Cutter and Dante were most intrigued by him. He’s certainly very pretty, but not knowing his name I’ve been referring to him as the FNG (Flashy New Guy). I also found a deer hiding in the woods. Can you see it?

Cutter sees the FNG Flashy New Guy Dante sees the FNG Spot the Deer

Wednesday was “registration day” at school, which basically meant the kids got stuff like schedules and gym clothes, turned in forms, and met their teachers, but they didn’t have any classes. And the parents had to stay the whole time to get parent information, so that took up most of the morning.

Then it was out to Southaven to walk Cutter and ride Fairing. While leading Cutter back to the barn, we nearly stepped on a toad hopping along in the grass. Later in the barn aisle, I attempted to catch a cute, viral-worthy horse and barn cat interaction, but Tigger wasn’t in the mood. Then, while we were heading out the driveway, spotted a deer in the field. All of which was worthy Instagram fodder. I love wildlife.

Tired Tigger Night Night Tigger Deerspotting

Thursday was the first full day of school, so I had time to help a friend out with getting some hunt horses exercised before going to Wil-Lo Blue to ride Arty. Where the hunt horses live there is a mare who likes to take a morning swim in the pond. No joke! She gets all the way in and blows bubbles with her nose just under the surface. It’s a hilarious scene to watch. Too bad I was so far away you can’t see much in the pictures. A video would be even better.

Aqua Equine Water Horse Riding Dante Cloud Sky

I hadn’t been on Arty in a while, so I had fun riding her again. Afterwards, I went to Southaven and rode Dante. It was a GORGEOUS day, so I took some sky photos. I thought I had plenty of time, but as it turned out I was 15 minutes late picking up my kids from school because this year the schedule changed and they get out at 3:00, not 3:20. My bad.

Friday morning I rode Arty again since her owner is out of town doing some training, and I also got to ride Spot since his owner is out of town on business. Good thing school started back when it did because that freed up my schedule some. Or at least it means my kids no longer suffer the infinite torture that is having to come out to the barn with me. No wifi, you see.

Sid says hello Sid wants a pat Skipper Selfie Fail Skipper not wanting a selfie

Sid came out and greeted me. I didn’t see him around Thursday, so it’snice to know he still hangs out at the barn. It helps to keep the mice population down, you know. I tried to take some selfies with Skipper, but they didn’t come out all that great. Oh, and I took some photos of Willie (I prefer to call him William) the Quarter Horse when he came up to the gate looking for a treat and said hello. I put them all together on Gifboom. I’m probably the only female over the age of 12 using that app, but I like it.

Saturday was super exciting because there was a cross-country school that morning. Another horse from Southaven called Howie and Fairing were participating so I went to take videos. Everybody did really well, and it was fun for me to see how the course out at Percy Warner Park has changed. I haven’t competed there since 1990, and I think the last time I schooled over there was 1992.

Since I was busy taking video, I don’t have any pictures from Saturday. But after the cross-country school I hacked Mya around for her owner (everybody is out of town!) and rode Spot again. I was knackered by the time I got home.


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