August 3 – 9

School starts on Wednesday, so last week was the final full week of summer vacation. My kids probably didn’t appreciate having to tag along with me to the barn every day, but hey, that’s life.

Last Sunday when I got out to the barn, the girl who does chores on Sundays told me all about how Skipper had locked her in the feed room and she had to text one of the other boarders for help. I couldn’t help laughing my butt off and hope she wasn’t offended, but it was too funny.

Skipper isn’t in a paddock or field. He’s allowed to roam the whole farm and go where he likes. He knew Sarah was in the feed room getting breakfast ready, so he kept pushing the door open with his nose.  This got irritating, so Sarah simply closed the door, but that didn’t keep Skipper from continuing to nudge it, and he got lucky enough to flip up the deadbolt, locking her in from the outside. Perhaps that’s why Armando brings Skipper in first every morning.

Skipper Grazing Skipper Grazing Skipper Grazing Skipper Grazing

I went back out to the barn later and let Skipper have a few minutes of muzzle-free grazing when it was time to go out. I couldn’t resist the photo op, and of course I had to make some animated gifs (here and here), just to indulge my geeky loser self.

Fairing on Monday Monday Field View

Monday morning I rode Fairing, who was a good boy if perhaps a bit lazy, and Skipper had his second chiropractor appointment in the afternoon. He seemed more relaxed while he was getting adjusted this time. A little while after that, one of the baby birds fell out of his nest. This sort of thing happens from time to time. The birds nest high up in the rafters, where nobody can get to them, but they either need to build bigger nests or lay fewer eggs. This little guy was just lucky the barn cats weren’t around, but all I could do was put him up on a tack trunk where his parents could dive bomb past and not do anything to help him.

Baby Bird Fall Down 20140804-190553-68753275.jpg 20140804-190553-68753091.jpg

Monday evening I stubbed a toe on my son’s drum kit because I’m horribly clumsy most of the time. I think that’s the most pain a stubbed toe has ever caused me though, because it hurt for a good 24 hours and got all swollen and purple. And also I’m a complete wimp when it comes to pain. I took a photo of my puffy and bruised toe Tuesday in an attempt to gain some pity, which I’ll spare you guys because my toe really looked disgusting, and I have ugly feet at the best of times. I didn’t get any pity, though.

Field View Tuesday Dante on Tuesday

Tuesday morning I got to ride a little mare called Welly for a friend of mine. She competed at an event the weekend before and had Monday off, so I got to hack her around. I then went to Southaven and rode Dante. The ground is so dang hard I hate to do more than walk outside the ring, but because we haven’t had much rain the ring is dusty, and poor Dante has a respiratory condition, so I didn’t do a lot with him.

On Wednesday I got to ride Spot because his owner wasn’t going to make it out that day. Spot is super nice and athletic, but man is he lazy. He has lovely gaits, though, especially once he starts using his hind end and going forward. I also caught Cutter lying down and had to take some photos, he was so adorable!

Cutter Having a Rest on Wednesday Cutter Heard Me Cutter Waking Up

Thursday morning I was back on Dante and then Fairing. The ground was still way too hard, so with both horses we went on a nice, long forward walk around the farm and then went in the ring to trot and canter. I worked on keeping Fairing forward and straight, and I think he’s getting better.

Friday afternoon I rode Fairing again. I had to run to the vet clinic that morning to pick up more Cushings medication for Skipper, and one of my kids had to be somewhere, so I didn’t have time to ride any earlier. It rained at our house the night before, but sadly out at the barn it didn’t rain that much so the ground was still too hard to do any trotting or cantering out of the ring. That’s okay, though, because I decided to do hillwork with Fairing. It’s great for conditioning, and it breaks up the routine in case he was getting bored always having to work in the ring. We still desperately rain, there’s hardly any water in the creek.

We need rain Grooma Horse Grooming Brushes

When I got home Friday afternoon, the fairy groom mother had been and left me some Groomas! Not really, I actually ordered them from amazon. I love amazon for many reasons, and I was super excited to see these because I haven’t been able to find them in any tack stores.

Saturday I didn’t have a horse to ride, so I gave Skipper a nice, long groom with a new Grooma and brushed off Dante since he’s my second favorite horse (Skipper will always be #1). Later on today (Sunday), I have an appointment with the saddle fitter. I want to make sure that my Passier dressage saddle is an okay fit for the horses I ride, since I usually prefer to ride in my own saddle. I’ll tell you guys all about that next week.


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