August 17 – 23

It was a busy week with some crazy weather. Early Sunday morning I rode Dante, trying to beat the rain. I was out in a far corner of the front field when I felt the first few drops, and we barely made it back to the barn before the proverbial bottom fell out and it started to pour. Thinking that would carry on all day, I went home. Continue reading


August 10 – 16

It’s a late update this week because I was super busy Saturday and then today I got distracted by the urgency to make a page for the barn cats. I also need to make a “meet the horses” page for Cutter. It’s on my list. Continue reading

August 3 – 9

School starts on Wednesday, so last week was the final full week of summer vacation. My kids probably didn’t appreciate having to tag along with me to the barn every day, but hey, that’s life.

Last Sunday when I got out to the barn, the girl who does chores on Sundays told me all about how Skipper had locked her in the feed room and she had to text one of the other boarders for help. I couldn’t help laughing my butt off and hope she wasn’t offended, but it was too funny. Continue reading

July 27 – August 2

I had a lot of fun this week riding Dante and Fairing, and I even got to join in a jumping lesson Wednesday afternoon because Fairing’s owner got stuck at work and couldn’t make it. I hadn’t jumped a horse in a lesson since Jasmine last fall, so I was a little anxious. But I’ve had some practice taking Dante and Fairing over crossrails, and knowing that this lesson was scheduled, I jumped Fairing a little when I rode him Monday. I think the last time he jumped was with me on July 18th.

Continue reading