July 20-26

Well, it was a bad week for hooves.

Horse Cookies and ButeLast Sunday Mya (Dante’s stall neighbor and BFF) went lame, and her owner called the vet out. We noticed Dale the clydesdale was very lame at turnout time the night before, and his owner said to give him some bute since she couldn’t make it out to the barn. Well, there was no way he was going to let us give him his bute, at least not from the syringe thingy. But then Mya’s owner came up with this brilliant idea: sandwich the paste between horse cookies, creating Bute Oreos. Genius! Anyway, Sunday afternoon the vet looked at both horses and suspected abscesses.

The farrier was there first thing Monday morning, and Mya’s abscess had opened up and started draining, which was good news, and she was walking better. That afternoon I helped add product pictures to a local shop’s website. I’m part-time help on this project, so it’s a temporary gig. I didn’t get to ride on Monday, but I knew that was going to happen.

Daring FairingTuesday morning was busy enough, though, because I got to ride Fairing, Dante, and Spot. I wish now I had set up my iPad because this was the only day I rode in the ring, but I needed to get all three horses ridden, put away, and tack cleaned, etc. in time to pick up my kids that afternoon, so I didn’t take the time to do anything extra. Poor Skipper didn’t even get groomed–I only had time to hose him off. And give him his carrots, of course.

By that evening Mya must have been feeling better because she and Skipper were running around the farm and, according to witnesses, he jumped over a small mound of dirt where a garden used to be. Maybe he was having a cross-country flashback or something. Too bad I wasn’t there to see it, and nobody took a video, but I’m glad to know he still has his moments. Maybe that chiropractic adjustment did him dome good after all.

On Wednesday I got to ride my pal Merlyn. Over where he’s boarded, they have a barn cat who likes to claim saddle pads, girths, etc. But on Wednesday I noticed a different tack room guard cat. Maybe they take turns, because after my ride the orange cat was back.

Tack Room Barn Cat Tack Room Cool Cat

We got a lot of rain Wednesday night, which was great for several reasons: we desperately needed rain, it had the courtesy to happen at night, thereby not thwarting any riding plans, and it softened up the ground. The footing was a little slick on the path–you know how that happens, the ground will be hard as concrete and then rain turns the surface dirt into slippery mud–so I kept Dante and Spot just off the track for trot and canter work. The rain also cooled things down and took away the stifling humidity, so we had fantastic riding weather. I love it when that happens. Also, the front field sprouted up even more. Now it desperately needs to be cut.

Dante, my favorite Selle Francais Dante all tacked up Mowing time! 20140726-074342-27822450.jpg Spot displaying infinite patience as I take photos

Since the ground was still good Friday morning, I rode Fairing in the fields. He tends to get really lazy in the ring, so I have a much easier time getting him to move forward when I work him in the fields. He was really good! I think he was happy for a change of scene, and we still worked on transitions, leg-yields, and all that good stuff. I spent the afternoon working on the website project previously mentioned. I made good progress, but there are a LOT photos that need to be added to product pages before the online store is ready. Still, it’s a good learning experience for me.

Hacking out Fairing Caught Fairing in a blink

I didn’t get to the barn until early Saturday evening since my kids participated in a performing arts program all day. The horses were about to have their dinner and go out for the night, so once again I didn’t have time to groom Skipper. But the good news is that Dale’s owner was there, and he’s doing better. Mya the wonder mare is also recovered and will most likely get her shoe back on Monday morning.

Skipper not sure if he's happy to see me Of course I have carrots!

What about you guys? If anything exciting or interesting happened in your barn life this week, please share in the comments!


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