Do You Make This Timing Mistake When Riding Your Horse?

Timing is everything. Aids don’t have to be strong to be effective.

Horse Listening

Have you ever given your horse an aid and got nothing in return? 

Perhaps your horse simply didn’t respond? You did it again, and nothing resulted even the second time.

Perhaps your horse gave you an unwanted response – did he pin his ears, scramble forward or even throw out a little buck or kick?

Most of us would then repeat the aid, and expect the horse to “learn” the correct response, because after all, it is the horse that needs to understand what we are doing, and not the other way around! 

If you ever find yourself in a vicious cycle with the horse not improving and possibly deteriorating in response, there could be one other variable that you might not have considered – the TIMING of the aid.

The timing of the aid has to do with everything – time it wrong, and you might as well be doing nothing…

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