Weekly Update Idea

I intended to update this blog more often, but I can’t seem to get into the habit of making regular, meaningful posts. So I’m going to forget about meaningful and just try for regular, in the form of weekly updates. And if nothing interesting happened that week, I’ll try to at least take some halfway decent pictures to share. This should be easy enough.

I’m happy to report that I’ve been able to ride every day for the past twelve days. Not that I was trying to break a personal record or anything, but the more I can ride, the better. Plus, on most of those days I rode at least two horses.

My streak breaks today, though, as I don’t have any horses to ride. But it was pouring when I went out to the barn this morning, and it’s supposed to rain off and on all weekend. Nobody else was there yet, so I was free to play around with taking pictures of Skipper.

Clipped Skipper  Skippers Face  Me trying to be all artsy

Anyway, this past week, June 21-28, 2014

A bunch of folks from the barn were out of town for a wedding last weekend, so I had several horses to ride, including Dante, Fairing, and a mare called Arty. She’s young and still a little green, but the more I ride her, the more I like her. And that’s saying something because I’m definitely partial to geldings.

Saturday morning I set up cavaletti exercises from Woff’s book. Since the riders who regularly jump were away, I knew nobody would get mad at me for hogging the poles. And it gave me something to do with the horses I rode Saturday and Sunday.

Monday morning I took Fairing over the trot poles and walked Massey around the farm. Massey is only walking at the moment. Thanks to a misstep in the paddock he needs to take it easy for a bit. That afternoon I finally got around to clipping Skipper.

Salt Mineral BlockOn Tuesday I rode Dante and Patriot. This was the first time for me to ride Patriot, apart from sitting on him for just a few minutes Sunday morning while his owner was there. I walked him around the fields, and since it had rained a little I let him trot where the ground wasn’t totally rock hard. Afterwards, he enjoyed some licks on the new salt blocks.

Wednesday I only rode Arty, but I took her for a hack around the fields instead of practicing boring dressage stuff in the ring.

#MindYourMelonThursday I got to ride my old pal Merlyn, and here we are in the covered ring taking advantage of the mirror for a #MindYouMelon photo op. I also rode Dante, and we went on a hack with Oliver and Emily.

Yesterday I rode Arty back in the ring to practice some flatwork since she did a jump school with her owner Thursday morning.

In other news, I finally bought new paddock boots! My old Ariats have been worn out for a while, and since I don’t show I can get by with not having the newest or nicest gear. But when the toes completely split from the rest of the boots, that makes them dangerous.

Old Ariat Paddock Boots My New Ariat Paddock Boots

Luckily for me, there’s a local shoe store that carries Ariat, and they get factory seconds. Which is awesome because that saved me some money. Now I just need to order new half chaps, and I’m working on that. Come to think of it, I’d also like a nicer helmet. See, this is what happens: I earn a bit of money and immediately want to spend it all at the tack store.


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