Summer Reading

If you follow me on Tumblr or Twitter then you probably already know about the two books I bought on sale a few months when our local tack store had everything in the shop marked down. I bought Denny Emerson’s How Good Riders Get Good and Jim Wofford’s Modern Gymnastics.

Granted, I’m not training any horses to jump at the moment, so Woff’s book is more for me to have (hopefully) for future reference. Just in case I’m ever in the position to have a horse of my own again. Which isn’t likely, but hey, one can dream.

But Denny’s book is awesome, I highly recommend it.

More recently, I ordered Riding Logic and The De Nemethy Method from amazon, since these titles are out-of-print and can be hard to find. I spent more than I’m willing to admit on one of them, and the real kick in the teeth is that I used to have both books–they were required reading for rider’s in Woff‘s program–but lost them. They could still be tucked away in my parent’s basement, buried under decades worth of clutter, but I think I gave them away when I got out of riding 14 years ago. Stupid me.

I’m already halfway through my re-reading of De Nemethy, and there is so much I’ve forgotten!


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