Update on Everything Because I’m Way Behind

I get lazy when it comes to blogging. I’m a natural procrastinator anyway, and if I’m not in the mood to sit down at my computer and type stuff, I’ll quickly find something else to do that’s all of a sudden way more important. Then I forget that I had a photo to share or something to say, so the blog gets neglected for weeks, months… I need to do a better job keeping up with it. But here’s a rundown of what I’m doing, or no longer doing, and all that.

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Good information to keep handy.


HappyHorseHealthyPlanet_Vital Signs Cover

Every horse owner should be aware of these before there is an emergency and you have your vet on the other end of the line.

Remember that every horse is different so know what is normal for each horse in your barn. 

Check these vital signs when your horse is at rest.


99.5-101.5 degrees Fahrenheit (37.5 to 38.5 degrees Celsius)

Thermometers designed for use with livestock have a ring on the top. This ring can be attached to a string and a clip attached to the opposite end of the string. The clip can be clipped to the horse’s tail when you take the horse’s temperature.


Respiratory Rate:

12-20 Breaths per Minute

Respiration can be taken by watching the horse’s chest move in and out (an inhale and exhale isone breath)or feeling the air come out of the nostrils.

Pulse:   30-40 Beats per Minute

Having a…

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