Skipper’s Birthday

Skipper's CupcakeSkipper turned 31 years old on February 12th. I meant to make a “Happy Birthday Skipper” post and do something special, but time got away from me, thanks to a high-maintenance abscess and crazy-cold temperatures making everything take longer and be more complicated than usual. Also, I don’t take a lot of photos when I must remove my glove to do so. Dang touch screens.

Last year for his 30th birthday I baked cute carrot cake cupcakes for the folks out at the barn and homemade horse treats for the horses. I guess it’s kinda like taking cupcakes to your kid’s preschool class on their birthday.

Cupcakes for the HumansThis year I made plain old white cupcakes (from a mix) with cream cheese frosting and festive sprinkles for the people, horse treats that were decorated to look like little cupcakes for the ponies, AND a special batch of gluten-free carrot cake cupcakes for Skipper and I to share. Only his cupcakes were iced with coconut oil and covered with grated carrots, while mine had the cream cheese frosting.

I used the same horse treats recipe as the Christmas puddings I made last December, only this time I subbed out half oat flour and half ground flaxseed meal for the all purpose flour. To make them look like cupcakes, I used a small disher to scoop them into the cavities of a mini-muffin pan. Once they baked and cooled, I put plain coconut oil on the top to act as icing so the grated carrot “sprinkles” would stick.

Cupcakes for the HorsesMost of the horses really liked them, but a few spit out the coconut oil. One of the humans out at the barn really liked them and ate the last half dozen that were in the tack room fridge, even though there were also six of the cupcakes left. Granted, the horse treats are way healthier.

The next day, I caught Skipper dozing by the fence with leaves stuck in his whiskers, which is ALMOST as adorable as how he sticks out his tongue when he drinks. Of course I woke him up when I snapped the photo, and then he perked up because he somehow knew there were leftover birthday treats in my pocket.

Skipper Snoozing I'm Skipper's Personal Treat Dispenser

Can you tell I totally love my pony? He doesn’t always love me back, especially when I try to bring him in before he’s ready. I think Skipper is looking pretty good for an old man!


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