Equestrian Turn Out Faux Pas

Oh, the joys of winter riding. I know, my half chaps are too short. And to let my sock show above them is seriously tacky. But when it comes to staying warm when hacking out on a cold winter morning, I don’t care. Neither does Fairing. Continue reading


Skipper’s Birthday

Skipper's CupcakeSkipper turned 31 years old on February 12th. I meant to make a “Happy Birthday Skipper” post and do something special, but time got away from me, thanks to a high-maintenance abscess and crazy-cold temperatures making everything take longer and be more complicated than usual. Also, I don’t take a lot of photos when I must remove my glove to do so. Dang touch screens. Continue reading

9 Things You Need to Know if You Want to Ride Horses

Some good advice on getting started!

Horse Listening

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You might have liked horses all your life.

Or you might have had an awakening not too long ago that is urging you to explore horseback riding for the first time.

You can’t tear your eyes away from the sight of glowing coats and rippling muscles.

You get excited every time you drive by horses in a field.

Contrary to your friends, you even like the smell of a barn!

And now, you know you are ready to take the first steps on the long road of becoming an equestrian. You’ve booked riding lessons at a local barn and you are convinced that you are ready to tackle the learning curve that lays ahead. Before you begin, here are nine tips to smooth the way into your new adventures!

1. Be prepared to be a beginner – for a long time!

Once you step into that stirrup for the first…

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Pincushion Pony

Skipper's first acupunctureThe first time I ever saw acupuncture done in real life (as opposed to seeing it in an alternative health care documentary) was on a horse. But this was twenty years ago, before stuff like this was mainstream.

A student from California had a guy come out to the barn and stick hypodermic needles all over her horse. I was amazed that the horse tolerated it, and at the time I thought the whole thing seemed a little crazy. Continue reading

10 Tips for Getting Water Into Your Horse

These are good tips, especially this time of year with pipes and buckets freezing. Dehydration is just as much of a concern in the winter as the summer, even though horses may not be in consistent work and aren’t sweating.


Happy Horse Healthy Planet.com._Water Tips

 After the fear of injury, the number one thing horse owners tell me that they worry about with their horse is making sure they are drinking enough water.

It’s a valid concern when you think about how important water is to equine well-being.  Horses can go 25 days without food but only 5 days without water before it begins to affect their health.

In horses, water facilitates digestion and helps the absorption of nutrients. Water is an essential factor in breaking down the food a horse ingests.  It is also regulates equine body temperature.

Horses ingest water and loose water throughout the day.  Fluid exits the horse via feces, urine, sweat and water vapor in exhaled air.  Dehydration occurs when loss of fluids exceeds fluid intake from food and water.


Horse feces

Every horse owner should be aware of the consequences of dehydration in horses.  Lack of water can contribute to…

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