Top 10 Ways to Reward Your Horse

Horse Listening

As riders, we need to look for any excuse to celebrate our horse’s achievements. Good riders are forever thankful for their equine’s efforts as they push further stronger deeper and reach new heights. A happy horse is a willing partner, and many horses will give everything they have if they feel your acknowledgement and generosity of spirit.

Don’t fool yourself.

Your horse knows exactly how you’re feeling during the ride. They can “mind read” (more like body read) and know precisely when you are frustrated, upset, angry (?) and conversely, when you are relaxed, forgiving, joyful and ecstatic. We all know that positive reinforcement is as powerful a way to communicate as any other, and likely more appreciated by your four-legged friend.

Rewarding your horse doesn’t have to be done on the ground with a treat in hand. In fact, encouragement received under saddle is more immediate and fulfilling…

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